You wan chop?

What is Chop?

Chop Plentii is an online platform that makes authentic African food accessible to the world. We are the first web-based order and delivery platform that specializes in cooked, authentic african food. We understand that African foods are still under-represented in the world culinary scene; we are working to change that.

We have developed three ways to get African food to you through Chop Plentii services.

Chop Lunch

Chop Lunch is delivered during lunch hours from 11am to 4pm. You can order at anytime and select both the day and time you want your meal delivered. We deliver your meals within 30mins of your order if ordered within the 11am thru 4pm timeframe. Your meal is delivered chilled for utmost freshness. All you do is warm it up and eat.

Do you charge delivery fee?

We charge a small fee of $3.50 per delivery. However, all orders over $25 are free deliveries. Chop Lunch is only available in the Oakland Area for now.

Bulk Meal Plan

Bulk Meal Plan is a weekly delivery service. We deliver food that will last you for a few days or a week depending on the plan. We deliver fresh and chilled African meals right to your doorstep every Sunday of the month, with no delivery fee. Our chefs are indigenous African cooks who use authentic African ingredients and spices and locally sourced produce. Our food is cooked the same day it is delivered. After receiving your delivery, when you're ready to "chop," all you have to do is take the portion you want to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, heat it up and store the rest for later whenever you want to eat African food again.

How does Bulk Meal Plan works?

Create an account on our website or simply place an orderas a guest. Don't worry; an account won't lock you into any sort of obligation, however there are benefits to having an account discount codes, VIP invites to our events, and other opportunities to Chop Plentii.

Select a plan that's right for you, then select the food you would like to order. We have plans for individuals, couples, and entire families. Each plan comes with 3 containers. The container sizes are: 24oz, 48oz, and 64oz. You can mix and match sizes if you want. You are not restricted to the plan you select. For example, you can select 24oz rice item, 48oz soup item and 64oz bean item

How Much Food Do | Get?

Meals are set up to fit your household. when you select any of our Plans, you will receive the food you select for that week or whichever week you indicate during checkout. Each plan comes with 3 meals of your choice. The food is in bulk, so it can last from 2 to 6 servings depending on the chosen plan.

What are the different plans?

We have 3 plans for different households

Single Plan

You get 3 24oz food containers and at least 2 servings with our Single Plan depending on how big you scoopl!

Couple Plan

You get 3 48oz food containers and at least 4 servings with our Couples Plan. This can be shared with two couples or up to 4 friends or have more for yourself!

Family Plan

You get 3 64oz containers and at least 6 servings with our Family Plan. You can get more if portions are served small. This can be shared within a family or amongst friends or have even more for yoursel!

After selecting your food. you then proceed to the payment page. Our payments are securely processed via PayPal and Shopify.

How do you deliver?

We deliver every Sunday of the month. When you are placing your order, you can select the window of time you want your meal delivered. on the day of delivery, you will get an email notification stating your order is being prepared. A text will be sent as a reminder an hour prior to delivery. In the text there should be a link that allows you to track your delivery ETA. You can call or text our drivers to ask about your delivery, if necessary.

On the day of delivery, unpredictable things like traffic conditions, GPS inaccuracy. and loss of network connectivity may occasionally occur. However. we will do our best to ensure a satisfactory delivery is made.You'll be contacted if unforeseen circumstances will affect your delivery time.

We require 3 items minimum and the cost per plan is below.

Single Plan

$36 /Per Week
3 24-oz containers (2 Servings)

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Couple Plan

$60 /Per Week
3 48-oz containers (4 Servings)

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Family Plan

$75 /Per Week
3 64-oz containers (6 Servings)

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Chop Cater

Chop Cater is a catering service that delivers delicious African meals to companies and individuals. We deliver family-style African food to your office and events. We cater for office lunches, office meetings, and events celebrating life. indigenous African chefs prepare your meals giving it a sense of home and authenticity.

How does Chop Cater work?

When you fill out the initial form on our cater page, you are contacted by one of our Meal Coordinators who will share the entire menu we have and learn about your company and employees. Together you and our Meal Coordinator will select the food to serve to your employees and/or guests. We currently offer food from Nigeria, Somalia, Morocco and South Africa.

How much does Chop Cater cost?

Our Meal Coordinator will work with you based on your budget, headcount, and desired menu. A typical Chop Cater meal ranges from $12 -15 per person, which includes delivery and setup.

What is African food?

African food is as vast as its culture and varies depending on the region. Traders, immigrants and invaders have influenced most of African cuisines. with immense enthusiasm both indigenous Africans and visitors have described the authentic African food culture as an eclectic experience. As Africans, we always give extensive attention to what we eat. African food culture is blessed with a long list of original and adapted cuisines that reflect our historic interactions and cultures.

African Food By Region

West African food is known for its plantain, rice, beans,and cassavaserved with grilled meat, fish and stew. One of the most popular dishes in West Africa is Jallof Rice. Jollaf Rice is originally from Senegal by Wolof people. Another iconic food in the West African region is Fufu. Fufu is made from root vegetables such as yams, cocoyams, or cassava and typically served with a dish of Soup. West African Stew is normally prepared with hot spices, vegetables, melon seeds, and greens.

East african food comes with a mixture of diverse culinary influences through trade and commerce. Arabic influences can be seen in East African cuisine. Eor example, steamed rice is served with spices such as saffron, cloves and cinnamon. indian workers and immigrants also brought their foods with them, such as spiced vegetable curries, lentil soups, chapattis and pickles. Oranges, lemons and limes are frequently used in cooking, while other fruits such as mangoes, papayas and pineapples are eaten for dessert.

North Africa cuisine has been heavily influenced over the centuries by the ingredients brought by traders, invaders and migrants. The Arabs introduced spices such as saffron, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. The Ottoman Turks brought sweet pastries and other baked foods. wheat and its by-product, semolina, were introduced early on. The nomadic Berbers adapted semolina into couscous, one of the main staples of the region.

South Africa's food blends the traditions of many cultures and influences. Maize and soured milk were historically key components of the diet. As Europeans arrived, South African cuisine began to include meat dishes such as sausages and pies. Malays and indians brought curries and spices.

At Chop, our goal is to bring a variety of African dishes. We currently offer West African foods with plans to introduce other regions as we grow. Vegetables with meat, poultry and seafood dominate African dishes. African dishes are healthy and nourishing because of the types of spices and cooking techniques used to prepare the food.

We are proud to say all of our chefs are indigenous Africans with over 50 years of combined experience cooking different styles of African cuisine. African food is not only personal to us; it's our passion and a way for us to share African culture. Our mission at Chop is to deliver authentic African dishes to all.

We use the freshest produce sourced locally, and we use authentic African ingredients in all our meals.

Sign Up & Cancellations


Are there membership fees?


No, there are no membership fees, shipping fees, or fees of any other kind for our services or delivery (with the exception of Chop Lunch).


What is the subscription length?


There is no subscription length if you decide to register for an account you can order just one time or take breaks whenever you like .you can also cancel your account at any time as long as you do it Before your delivery cut-off date. An account only helps manage your oiders better.


Can I cancel my order?


Yes, you can cancel your order. All orders must be cancelled;
Chop Lunch: 30mins before delivery.
Blulk Meal Plan: 12pm Saturday.
Chop Cater 3 days before the delivery date.

Give Chop

It's our way of making food accessible to people in need of food back in Africa. We are committed to fighting hunger and food insecurity on the continent.


For every meal ordered, we will donate the same amount of food to an African food bank. This program will only be activated once we reach 1000 deliveries per week. We will start this program in Nigeria and add more African countries as we grow.

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