Help Us Make Food Accessible

Give food, recieve happiness in return.

Happiness is as good as food ~African proverb

We believe everyone deserves happiness in their lives.
We have taken this challenge upon ourselves to make
people in need in Africa happy through food, one
country at a time.

How does it work?
It's simple; for every meal you purchase, we donate an equal
amount of food to a food bank in Africa, starting in Nigeria.
We will add more African countries as we grow and establish our
own food bank.

We would love to kick-start this program as soon as possible,
but first, we need to regularly deliver 1000 meals per week here in
the Bay Area before we can begin.

Order now to help kick-start this program.

This is not an image depiction of poverty
but rather a reflection of the happiness I am well acquainted with.
These young men remind me of my childhood friend and his brother, and
growing up on the streets of Lagos. We were happy kids.- Baba. Afolabi, Founder

1000 Deliveries a week to kick-start the program